Always drink responsibly.

Drinking Games to Play at College/House Parties

Nothing is more fun that some good, old fashioned competition. If you're feeling victorious, try your hand at one of these games the next time you and some friends get together. Always be responsible though, as playing a drinking game tends to increase your rate of drinking more than not.

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Before you start playing any drinking game, it's probably best to go over a few basic things. For starters, it helps to know how to chug a beer. It's also really great if you're an accomplished overhand card shuffler, as no one likes waiting around for the next game to begin. Bonus points if you can shuffle one-handed.

It's also great to secure reliable and safe transportation prior to any game playing. The odds of drinking more beer go way, way up when you start playing drinking games, no matter which game it is.

This is doubly true if you're entering into a Beer Olympics.

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