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Beer Olympics

Gameplay, Gear & Rules

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And you thought playing one drinking game was hard enough. Try ten in a row. That’s what the Beer Olympics Games is, a decathlon of hilarious events and challenges that require skill, luck and a fair share of beer consumption.

What is Beer Olympics?

The Beer Olympics is a glorious, competitive set of drinking games that seek to determine who is the ultimate drinking game champion. Olympians compete in a variety of events that test their strength, endurance, skill, and beer drinking fortitude.

Beer Olympics is also referred to as Beer Olympics Games or Beerlympics.


The sheer volume of gear and equipment needed to host a Beer Olympics party is tremendous. No joke, it’s a staggering amount of beer and beer-related paraphernalia. But, it’s worth it, especially if the Home Team is the winning team.

  • 40oz Beer Bottles (2x per player)
  • Beer Pong Table
  • Case of Beer (1x per team)
  • Deck of Playing Cards
  • Duct Tape
  • Music Player
  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Plastic Cups (Solo Cups)
  • Water
  • Whiteboard w/ Markers for keeping score
Team America celebrating a Gold Medal in a Beer Drinking Event during the Beerlympics
America is not a hard choice when choosing countries

Number of Players

The number of players in a Beer Olympics Games varies based on gameplay and rules. If you’re hosting your own Beer Olympics, then you need to decide whether or not The Games will consist of individuals only or teams. We recommend having enough players to make fair and even teams, as team play (some refer to teams as countries) adds a layer of hilarity and competition.

A game within a game, if you will.

How to Score

Much like its real world counterpart, there are individual and team events. Winners who earn a gold medal in a game earn bragging rights for themselves, as well as earning toward their team’s overall medal count.

For example, if competitors on Team C win three events, come in second place for one, and third place for four, then they would have 15 points (9pts for 3x Gold, 2pts for 1x Silver, and 4pts for 4x Bronze). It doesn’t matter which Team Member earns the points for a team, they all count.

3pts - Gold 2pts - Silver 1pt - Bronze

A game of King's Cup with the cards spread out around the central cup
King's Cup (up to 12 per game)

Opening Ceremonies

A rousing game of King’s Cup is to be played at the commencement of the Beer Olympiad. The person to draw the fourth King will earn the privilege (punishment) of the First Drink, as poured by the players who drew the first, second and third Kings in the game. This person shalt be deemed the King for the entirety of the Beer Olympic Games, and will preside over all matters of gameplay contestation.

Duties of The King

Thine King is granted the powers three: the choosing of high court, the settling of dispute, and, presiding over party fouls. Also, in the direst of circumstances, the calling upon of Angus Young and the boys of AC/DC to exact punishment.

In order to carry out these powers, The King must have a cup of beer in hand. Failure to do so will strip The King of kingsmanship and the player who drew the third King in the opening ceremony shall henceforth be King.

Appointing a Hand

The King is also afforded the right to appoint a Hand. The King’s Hand will deliver judgment in the King’s absence, should the King make a beer run or trip to the privy.

Choosing a Herald

The King must also choose a Herald. The Herald will kick off the first event by declaring loudly, “Begin the Beer Games!”

The High Court of a Medieval Themed Beer Olympic Games
Begin the Beer Games!

Party Fouls

The King is allowed to hand out additional drinks as The King sees fit if there is any whining, complaining, or half-assing during the Beerlympics at a rate of 1 sip per offense, as a lack of effort is not in keeping with the spirit of the contest. We’ll leave it up to the discretion of The King as to how hard they want to walk that line.


The power of Rock compels The King to invoke the Thunderstruck Drinking Game for anyone caught cheating or skirting the rules in some way, shape or form, regardless of benefit to player or team.

The King absolutely must point their finger at the cheater and issue thine command, “You’ve been ... Thunderstruck!”

At this point, all gameplay immediately pauses and everyone is to remain silent until the music starts. The King’s Hand (or Herald if the Hand is absent) must put Thunderstruck on whatever music device is being used at full volume.

The offending player must kneel before the king and state, “My liege, I have failed you!” in any tone that convinces The King of their self-contempt. That player, or players if multiple players were caught, will then proceed to play a variation of the Thunderstruck Drinking Game alone.

The offending players takes a sip every time that THUNDER or THUNDERSTRUCK is said. They also perform a waterfall during the guitar solo.

All other players will begin screaming THUNDER! any time Brian Johnson or the band sings it. Anyone caught not screaming THUNDER! along with the song is docked a point off their individual and team total, and must chug or shotgun a beer on the spot. This includes any member of the High Court, as well as The King. Zero exceptions.

Note: adding extra THUNDER! by mistake is to be forgiven, if not mildly encouraged.

Play resumes 4:52 seconds later. You know what, let us help you out, here’s a Youtube video of Thunderstruck.

Events of The Beer Olympics

A group of Seniors playing the Asshole drinking game
Seniors playing Asshole

Asshole (Presidents)

Asshole is one of the premier card drinking games. It involves players trying to rid their hands of cards as fast as possible, while doing their best not to upset the President. Why? Because the President can dole out punishments to non-compliant citizens of the game.

It’s amazingly the only card game on the list.

Gear Required

Deck of Playing Cards

Why it’s included

Asshole is here because of its sheer popularity and cutthroat nature.

How to Win

All players will compete by forming groups of 5 that will play Asshole until a player has successfully defended their Third Presidency in a row. Take all advancing players and form new groups of 5 (or less if uneven) until there is only one game left. When a player in that game defends their Presidency for a third term, the contest is over and that player is declared the victor. Vice President at that time gets 2nd place with the Assistant Vice President getting 3rd place.

Note: Spread players from each team out evenly amongst the games to maximize fairness.

A couple playing Beer Pong when one takes a shot and it bounces off the Solo Cup
The start of a game of Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Beer Pong, also commonly referred to as Beirut, is a pong-based drinking game that requires great skill and finesse. Players take turns throwing a ping pong ball into a bunch of Solo Cups from one side of the table and the other until all cups have been removed. Opposite the throwing is the drinking of cups that your opponent has sank (thrown a ball into).

Beer Pong is among the great events that can be played both individually and as a team. If as a team, your teammate will be opposite you on the same side of the table.

Gear Required

Beer Pong Table, Ping Pong Balls, Plastic Cups

Why it’s included

A legendary drinking game

How to Win

Players compete in tournament-style matches until the two top seeds determine a victor. 3rd place goes to the winner of the consolation game.

Case Race

The Case Race is among the oldest and truest of drinking games. It’s not as clumsy or random as Edward 40 Hands; an elegant drinking game for a more civilized age.

Ok, it’s not. It’s purely about speed of consumption. It’s also about the ability to consume and hold an extremely large volume of beer.

Gear Required

Case of Beer

Why it’s included

It’s a classic. And speed kills.

How to Win

Finish a case of beers before your opponent(s) do. That’s all.

A person crashing the Drunk Jenga tower during the Beer Olympics
Drunk Jenga requires excellent dexterity to win

Drunk Jenga

Whoever started playing Jenga as a drinking game should be given a medal.

Gear Required

Why it’s included

Drunk Jenga is included because it requires skill and touch. It's a finesse game that's already hard when played sober.

How to Win

It's more of a how not to lose scenario than how to win. Don't topple the Jenga tower. That's how you win.

Edward 40 Hands

Edward 40 Hands is the Ironman of the Beer Olympics. Players compete by duct taping two 40oz beers to their hands. That's when the hilarity ensues.

Gear Required

  • 2x 40oz beers per player
  • Duct Tape

Why it’s included

More than a test of fortitude, in the Beer Olympics, it's a test of strength and speed as well.

How to Win

In the Beer Olympics, Edward Fortyhands is judged by the fastest to complete the two 40s. Track finishers to determine places and points. Also track people who quit or DQ themselves by order.

Flip Cup

Another game that can be played individually (as Survival Flip Cup) or as a team. Flip Cup requires courage under fire. Like a drinking war zone, everyone is screaming because the next player can’t start until the person in front of them is successful at flipping their cup on the table.

This means that bad flippers and slow drinkers crush the hopes and spirit of their Flip Cup teammates. Friendships end over such things.

Not really, but maybe?

Gear Required

Plastic Cups, Table

Why it’s included

Flipping is a buildable skill that all should master.

How to Win

Pound your cup. Place it down flat on the table with a bit hanging over the edge. Flip it until lands with the top firmly making contact with the table and the base of the cup in the air.

Do that faster than everyone else.

Relay Race

Gear Required

Why it’s included

How to Win

Quarters (or Caps)

Gear Required

Why it’s included

How to Win

- - - Insert Game - - -

Gear Required

Why it’s included

How to Win

- - - Insert Game - - -

Gear Required

Why it’s included

How to Win

Alternative Events

  • Beer Ball
  • Beer Can Bowling
  • Beerio Kart (Mario Kart with Beer)
  • Civil War
  • Dizzy Bat
  • Slap Cup

Closing Ceremonies

Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals will be awarded to all competitors who have earned them in their respective events by the Olympic King, as determined in the Opening Ceremony game of King’s Cup.

Following the awarding of events medals will be the award for the Best Beer Athlete by the King. This is the person who collected the most points throughout the Olympiad via a combination of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

At the conclusion of the Best Beer Athlete award is the Team Medal round. The King shall bestow the Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals on the teams (or countries) who have earned them.

Wrapping up the closing ceremonies requires all participants to sit down and enjoy a movie drinking game. We suggest you make it something triumphant and sports-related, like Mighty Ducks. Just remember to finish your drink when Charlie Conway lays down the Triple Deke at the end.

Beer Olympics FAQs

What kind of beer should we use?

Use cheap and popular mass-market beers. Beers like Busch Light and PBR are our go-tos. You cannot play host a Beerlympics with a bunch of high ABV imperial stouts and Triple IPAs.

Do I need a specific Beer Pong table?

No. You can get away with a piece of plywood. You can also get away with some of the dorm room tables that get left in the common areas. Don’t tell your RA we said that though.

How many cans of beer do we need?

You only need enough cans of beer for the games that require cans. You could be much more economical in your approach and get a keg or three if you wanted. Most Beer Olympics Events have you pouring into plastic cups or a shot glass anyway.

Plus that way you won’t have to recycle a bunch of empty cans the next day.

Should we make shirts for our Beerlympics?

Yes, by all means. Giving out shirts to all players, or, even better, having teams organize themself by theme and wearing similar shirts is an excellent idea. Glad you thought of it.

What makes a good Beer Olympics Theme?

One theme we like to build on is figuring out how many people are on our team and building around that. If, for instance, you have three guys and a girl and you kind of look like the good folks of Letterkenny, then dress up as Wayne, Daryl, Squirrely Dan and Katy and enter your Beerlympics with costumes and a funny Letterkenny-based name.

Or, go after other competing events of years past, like the 1980 U.S. Men’s Hockey team, using jerseys as a costume. Or, dress as they did on the old Nickelodeon show, Double Dare.

  • Boy Bands themed
  • Oktoberfest themed with Dirndl and Leather Lederhosen
  • U.S.A. Track & Field themed with singlets

Mario Brothers Themed Beer Olympics

Here’s a video of some friends hosting their own Beerlympics with Mario Brothers themed T-Shirts. The shenanigans and tomfoolery are all there as every team competes in a variety of events, including some not even mentioned on this list like drunk wiffleball.

It looks like Team Wario crossed the finish line in first as they’re popping bottles for a post victory champagne bath by the end.

How do we come up with Beer Olympic Team Names?

The same way you come up with pub trivia names or fantasy football names, think of something clever that has to do with your overall theme, league, group of players, etc. and let it rip. You could also take the approach of Bowling Leagues everywhere and riff of the word beer. That would give you a team name like Beer In Headlights.

Or, just go sexual from the beginning because we’re all children on the inside.

  • 40oz to Freedom
  • Kegs & Eggs
  • Wine’s Fine But Whiskey’s Quicker

Can we play any variations on the Drinking Games?

If all players agree to it beforehand, we don’t see why not. For instance, if you wanted to sub out Power Hour for Centurion or Beer Pong for Titties, then sure, be our guest.

You can also run with the Ancient Greco-Roman theme, appoint a Caesar instead of a King, and force into a glorified Toga Party. That's one way to do it.

Moving Forward

Hosting the Beer Olympics Games ever 4 years is too much. We think it better to be hosted once every year, or at the least, every other year. Otherwise, what good are bragging rights?

Remember, losers, you can train in the downtime and come back strong for the next Beer Olympics. You only need a montage. So, time to start lifting Ox-Carts like Rocky.


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