Always drink responsibly.

Pimps & Hoes Party

Break out your canes and your gold tooth insert, as a Pimps & Hoes themed party just started somewhere in the world this very minute.

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Hoes attending a Pimps & Hoes Party in Hollywood, California
It even says Pimps & Hoes on the clothes

Ever notice how every party is intentionally designed to make women wear less clothing? Well the Pimps & Hoes party is the original gangsta of getting girls to wear more revealing clothes. Hell, it's in the name of the party itself.


Outfits are the biggest piece of the Pimp & Ho theme party. The truer and more authentic you can be, the better.

For Pimps: If you look like early Ice-T, you're doing just fine. If you look like Superfly, even better. Also, feathered stuff, including boas, hats and other fine plumage is required. To put it in words, be a peacock who aspires to be human.

A suit, plus some gold chains, canes, jewelry, medallions, and more for accessories. A pimp wouldn't be caught dead without them.

Also, purple is your best friend. Same with yellow.

For Hoes: Dress like a hooker. If you need inspiration, somewhere between Coyote Ugly and Moulin Rouge should do. Or rather, the attitude of Moulin Rouge and the look of Coyote Ugly. Less is more.

Until it's not. Remember, you're not throwing a pajama party.

FYI: No Slutty Cat costumes. A ho might dress like a slutty cat, but a slutty cat isn't necessarily a ho. Spot the difference.

A man wearing a pimp costume he bought on Amazon to a Pimp & Ho party
Not the freshest Pimp Threads, but they'll do

Where to Find Pimp & Ho Costumes

Beyond costumes, you're going to want to look for the appropriate accessories. For instance, a Pimp Cane, and, a Pimp Cup. Gotta have something to hold the liquor when you pass the Courvoisier.

  • Amazon
  • Party City


Racy club should do. Push that as far as you want with neon lights and a stripper pole.

Drinking Games to Play

Card drinking games are a must. Every pimp worth their chain is good at cards. And maybe some slight of hand.

If it's early in the night, Hoes may want to start with the Jersey Shore drinking game. If it's later in the evening, Never Have I Ever?

And of course, what night would be complete for a pimp without playing King's Cup with his hoes?

Food & Drink

A Cadillac doesn't run on compost like the DeLorean in Back to the Future. It runs on gas, and gas costs money. Ain't no food at a Pimps & Hoes party unless the Caddie is filled and the rent is paid.

Hint: Neither ever are.

Types of Liquor to Serve

Don't bother searching Google for "What Pimps Drink", as it will tell you a Pimm's Cup, which is incorrect. The liquors below is what you're after. Ludacris drinks Hand Grenades down in New Orleans, but he has the money and fame to be able to pull it off.

  • Hennessy
  • Hypnotiq
  • Remy Martin
Archbishop Don Magic Juan in full yellow pimp suit
Don Magic Juan is his own Pimp & Ho Party


There are a few options to go with, but none of them involve experimental Jazz. We highly recommend playing Snoop, Tupic and other Gangsta Rap artists at your next Pimps & Hoes party. Or, even better, play the music that those artists sampled. For example, Parliament-Funkadelic (P-Funk) or Curtis Mayfield.

You want a danceable groove, but something that doesn't push too far into Disco. Poppy, upbeat tunes with feel-good lyrics will significantly diminish the power of every Mack's Pimp Hand. And we can't have that.

For instance, The Hustle. It's too disco. Zapp & Roger. More Bounce to the Ounce. That's where you want to be.

The attitude you're shooting for, to quote the great Ludacris, is, "The fancy cars, the women and the caviar, you know who we are, cause we're Pimpin' All Over the World!"

Trust Luda, because his pimpin' is in 3D.

Songs to Play

  • Big Pimpin' (Jay-Z)
  • It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp (Hustle & Flow)
  • P.I.M.P. (50-Cent)
  • Pimp Juice (Nelly)
  • Pimpin' Ain't Easy (Big Daddy Kane)
  • Pimpin' All Over the World (Ludacris)
  • Return of the Mack (Mark Morrison)
  • Shaft Theme Song (Isaac Hayes)
  • Somebody Gotta Do It (Pimpin' Ain't Easy!!!) (Ice-T)
  • Superfly (Curtis Mayfield)

If you're throwing a Holiday themed Pimps and Hoes party, go with A Pimp's Christmas Song from Snoop. It features Jake the Flake and Archbishop Don Magic Juan.

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