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How to Throw a White Lie Party & Create Your White Lie T-Shirt

The best part of throwing a White Lies Party is coming up with the lie that you are going to write on your white t-shirt.

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What is the White Lie Party Theme?

A White Lie Party is a party where the dress code requires attendees to write a short message on a plain white t-shirt that is a lie. This is usually done using a sharpie, but other markers will do just fine.

How do you throw a little White Lie Party?

For starters, you put out the word and let everyone know that the party has a theme. From there, you set a date for the party and make sure invitations have gone out. Traditional by mail or online, either way works.

Some folks recommend setting up your dorm room, off-campus apartment or party house with white decorations, but we don’t think that’s necessary. If that’s your thing, you can find what you need at your local Party City or a quick search on Amazon.

As for drinking games to play at the party, you’re already halfway to Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare, given the subject matter on everyone’s shirt. For food and music, you can feel free to serve and play whatever you like. That said, leaning on any lie-related memes or songs with the word lie in the title would be great. When it comes to drinks, you may want to hire a Sommelier (“lie”) though.

How do you create the Best White Lie T-Shirt?

  1. Buy a White T-Shirt
  2. Get a Sharpie
  3. Write your little lie
  4. Think of good white lies

That’s just the basics though. You’re going to need show up and show out, so let us help you discover the best White Lie T-Shirt Ideas. We have plenty of examples below.

Examples of White Lie T-Shirts

  • I remember you
  • I’m a drama queen
  • I’m a great driver
  • I’m low maintenance
  • I’m looking for a gold digger
  • I graduated High School
  • I love a good theme party
  • I’m a TikTok or Social Media influencer

White Lie T-Shirts for a College Party

  • I’m not a dropout
  • I’ve never dated a professor
  • I pay my own tuition
  • I’m on the football team

Funny White Lie Party T-Shirt Ideas

You should take the t-shirt creation process serious, as it’s a requirement to get into the party. However, the message that you put on the shirt doesn’t need to be. We prefer our tees to be hilarious, if not a bit risque.

The funniest white lies are the ones that feel a bit outlandish, but still could be true.

  • I’ll remember you in the morning
  • You’ll be my first time
  • I care that you’re dating someone
  • I’m not easy
  • I don’t have sex on the first date
  • I’ve never used Tinder
  • I am not on drugs
  • I’m fine not drinking tonight
  • I’d hook up with you
  • I’m Six Feet Tall

White Lie Party Quotes

Here are some in-person lies you might hear spoken aloud at the party.

  • This is the best party I’ve ever been to
  • I had the best White Lie Party Ideas
  • I don’t mind driving you home
  • You’re invited to my birthday party
  • I love party games

Wrapping Up

So that’s it. Those are your funny white lie party ideas. To be honest, we think you can do better creating your own theme ideas.