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College Party & Drinking Game Ideas

A collection of drinking games, theme parties, and ideas for your college dorm room escapades and off-campus housing hi-jinks.

Four people dressed in green clothing playing drinking games on Saint Patrick's Day

Drinking Game

St. Patrick's Day

The Best Drinking Games to Play on St. Patrick's Day

Learn the Rules
The Beer Olympics Logo

Beer Olympics

Gameplay, Gear & Rules | Learn the Rules

4 Drunk Uno Shot Glasses and the Official Drunk Uno Rules

Card Drinking Game

Drunk Uno

Like the original game, only with a drink in your hand. Don't forget to call Uno when you're down to your last sip. | Learn the Rules

A game of King's Cup with the cards spread out around the central cup

Card Drinking Game

King's Cup

A Hall of Fame drinking game if there ever was one. There are variations, but King's Cup is the original. | Learn the Rules

Folders to help you play the Categories Drinking Game

Misc Drinking Game


Pick sets of items, like classic cars or bands, and get to it. | Learn the Rules

A person crashing the Drunk Jenga tower during the Beer Olympics

Misc Drinking Game

Drunk Jenga

This game requires finesse to play. Well, finesse to get the blocks out. Because no matter whether the tower stands or topples, you're gonna end up drinking. | Learn the Rules

The five guys in the band AC/DC

Music Drinking Game


How to Play AC/DC's Thunderstruck Drinking Game | Learn the Rules

A handful of shot glasses filled with beer to play the Power Hour drinking game with

Misc Drinking Game

Power Hour

The Drinking Game of the Gods, Power Hour is a 1 Hour Compounding Black-Out. | Learn the Rules