Always drink responsibly.

Drunk Jenga

This game requires finesse to play. Well, finesse to get the blocks out. Because no matter whether the tower stands or topples, you're gonna end up drinking.

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A person crashing the Drunk Jenga tower during the Beer Olympics
Drunk Jenga requires excellent dexterity to win. And also, the willingness to follow the rules.

There are 54 different opportunities to write a new suggestion when playing Drunk Jenga. That's because there are 54 small wooden blocks in the classic set.

It's the answer to the question, how do you make Jenga fun for adults? This is how. You make a drinking game out of it.

20 Clean Drunk Jenga Drinking Game Ideas

  1. Take Drinks. Drink 1, Drink 2, Drink 3, etc.
  2. Give Drinks. Give 1 sip, Give 2 sips, Give 3 sips, etc.
  3. Social. Everyone takes a sip when you're doing a social.
  4. Waterfall. Start a waterfall. For those that don't know, the person who pushed out the block starts chugging and everyone in turn chugs until the person in front of them stops.
  5. Make a Rule. Things like, "Make an animal sound when someone calls you by your first name" or "Recite lyrics to a certain song whenever a block is pulled" are always fun
  6. Answer a Question. Person who drew the block gets to ask anyone in the game a non-dirty question of their choosing.
  7. Left or Right. The person to the left or right of the person pushing out the block needs to drink.
  8. Thumb Game. Last person to put their thumb on the table or ground must drink.
  9. Bust a Rhyme. The person who draws the block starts the rhyming with a lyric. The next person must rhyme the last word. And so on and so on.
  10. Categories. Pick a category of things and go with it. Every person in turn must say an item in the category without repeating anyone.
  11. Chugging Contest. The player who draws this card must chug the rest of their beer.
  12. Reverse. Switch up the order of play and go in the opposite direction.
  13. Pirate. The player who draws this Jenga block needs to talk like a Pirate until the end of the game.
  14. Give a Toast. Player who pulls the block recites a drinking toast.
  15. Skip. The next person in line gets skipped.
  16. Hands to the Sky. Last person to raise their hand drinks.
  17. Play Again. Person who drew the block takes another turn.
  18. Jenga 40 Hands. Duct tape a beer can (or any drink) to the player's dominant hand. The drink remains until either they finish it or the game ends. This is spinoff from Edward 40 Hands.
  19. Jenga Power Hour. The player who draws this piece must take a sip of their drink every time a piece is successfully pulled until the game ends. This is a play on Power Hour.
  20. Anything But a Cup. For the rest of the game, the player who draws this block must drink their drink out of something other than a cup. It's modeled after the Anything But a Cup Party.
A man observing the Drunk Jenga tower as other players pull pieces
What can I write on my Jenga blocks?

5 Dirty Drunk Jenga Drinking Game

This version of Drunk Jenga is probably best to play at a White Lies party.

  1. True of Dare. Truth or Dare can go in a wide variety of ways, all of them potentially scandalous.
  2. Never Have I Ever. Much like Waterfall, Never Have I Ever is both a drinking game and a rule within a game. This inevitably devolves into some seedy conversation.
  3. Two Truths and a Lie. Another spin on prying private information out of someone. Players must say three things with two of them being true and one a lie and the other players guess which is the lie.
  4. Spin the Bottle. In this case, it's Spin the Jenga Block. Playing with this block instantly ratchets up Jenga's temperature.
  5. Remove a piece of clothing. How do you turn up the heat on Spin the Bottle? You get rid of some clothes.
  6. Random Text. Allow a player to send one random text to someone in your contacts. Terrifying, yet possibly liberating, this Jenga idea isn't for the feint of heart.

If you really want to turn this game into Sexy Jenga, and we're not saying you should, you can check out the ideas of The Dating Divas.

Knocking Down the Tower

There are two versions that we like to play with when playing Drunk Jenga (either clean or adult).

  1. When the tower topples, the person who caused it finishes their drink.
  2. Or, you can play it more like King's Cup where you put a punishment cup in the middle, play a handful or rounds of Drunk Jenga, and when, after 3-5 rounds, someone loses, they drink from the cup that the previous losers poured their drinks into.

We're big fans of option two, as it tends to prolong the fun a bit. Plus, the punishment cup is always a joy.

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