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How to Play AC/DC's Thunderstruck Drinking Game

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The five guys in the band AC/DC
You've been ... Thunderstruck!

You've been ... Thunderstruck!

The Thunderstruck drinking game is a lot like the Roxanne drinking game in that you follow along with a popular song from the 80s/90s from start to finish and just rip it. Both are intense drinking games, but they are played slightly different. Let's check out how the AC/DC Thunderstruck drinking game operates.

One thing they both have in common is that they don't follow the standard "Take a Sip If" or "Take Two Sips If" approach that a lot of drinking games, especially the TV Show and Movie-based games follow. Ok, let's get to it.

Equipment needed

  • Drink of your choice
  • A Music Streaming Service where you can play it directly
  • A Subscription to SiriusXM - adjust your dial to Channel 38 (Ozzy's Boneyard) and wait. It will play. Eventually.
  • Or, a CD Player and CD of the Album
  • Or, a Tapedeck and a Casette Tape of the Album
  • Or, a Boombox and just catching it on the radio old school

If you're going old school and seeking out a CD, Thunderstruck is on the album, The Razor's Edge.


  • 1+
  • 2-6 is better
  • 7+ makes it funny

Really, you can play this solo if you're that committed. Best to play it with a group of friends though. It gets quite dangerous alone. Play responsibly.

How it is played

Let's assume at least a handful of people are playing. The rules of the game are such:

  1. Decide on an order to the group. This is important.
  2. Start the music
  3. The first person up starts drinking when the crowd chants "Thunder" and doesn't stop until the next time "Thunder" is said
  4. The next person in line does the same. This continues until the end of the song.

And that's it. That's the entirety of the game. It's simple, and it's effective.

Alternative Version(s)

Alternative Version 1 Thunder & Nuh nuh nahhh nah

This is more where the Roxanne comparison plays in. The Thunderstruck drinking game can be altered to be played by using the words "Thunder" and the following "Nuh nuh nuh nahhh nuh nuh nahhh nah!"

What you want to do is take the number of players, divide them in half, and have one side take a sip when "Thunder" is said and the other side take a sip for the "Nuh nuh nuh nahhh nuh nuh nahhh nah!" part.

Alternative Version 2 Thunder vs Thunderstruck

The band says the actual word Thunder 15 times in the song. They say Thunderstruck 19 times. So once again you could split it up like Roxanne does Roxanne and Red Light and have a team for Thunder and a team for Thunderstruck.

How many times does AC/DC say Thunder in the song?

AC/DC says "Thunder" 15 times in Thunderstruck.

How many times does AC/DC say Thunderstruck in the song?

AC/DC says "Thunderstruck" 19 times in Thunderstruck.

How many total sips are available to take?

There are 34 sips available to take if you drink every time the word thunder is said, whether alone, or part of thunderstruck.

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