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Golf Pros & Tennis Hoes Party

Two sports that have a very distinct look and on-court feel to them. That makes it easier to get in costume.

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A woman wearing a tennis ho outfit on the court with her golf pro partner
They can go straight from the court to the party

This type of themed party feels way more appropriate at the Ivy League level than the local, small, satellite-of-the-flagship state school. And for good reason, people at Ivy League schools already dress in Golf Pro and Tennis Ho attire every day. Same goes for self important Bro Schools like Boston College.

The party can be fun for all though if successfully hosted. What you really need is commitment. For example, you could go as championship Sunday Tiger and wear the black hat, red polo, black pants combo that he made famous for a decade and a half. Or, you could take it in the other direction and focus on a specific decade, and wear neons and mullets like tennis pro Andre Agassi in the late 80s and early 90s.


Golf and Tennis have long been associated with polo shirts, sleeveless tanks, skirts and slacks. That's expanded a little bit over time, with a most recent change at Wimbledon, allowing women to wear colors other than white.

You're going to want to grab hats and visors to complete the look. Another way to accessorize is to toss some wristbands onto your forearms.


Suggestion: Rent the function space at a Country Club to throw your Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes party.

Drinking Games to Play

You can play any sports drinking game you like. After all, you're wearing athletic gear, right?

You can also play beer pong, just make sure you have paddles.

Food & Drink

Bloody Marys, Gin & Tonics, Old Fashioned, and White wines. Essentially anything you'd order a country club.

  • Chivas? Check.
  • Crown Royal? Check.
  • Dewars? Check.
  • Birdie
  • Eagle
  • Hole-in-One
  • John Daly (Arnold Palmer for non-alcoholic)
  • The Green Jacket
  • Deuce
  • Forecourt
  • Pimm's Cup
  • The Wimbledon


We're thinking that a Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes party should have Yacht Rock on constant rotation. The entire Caddyshack soundtrack is another great choice. And here's the official soundtrack to Wimbledon.

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