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Beer Pong

How to Play Beer Pong, Beirut and Other-Related Pong, Table and Cup Games

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A woman about to throw a ping pong ball in the Beer Pong Drinking Game
Beer Pong is such a classic drinking game

Beer Pong has been a college party staple for years.

Beer Pong Game Variations

Strip Beer Pong

Strip Beer Pong is not for the feint of heart. By definition, the losers of Strip Beer Pong must end up naked, or at the very least, continuously removing articles of clothing.

Are the Rules of Strip Beer Pong Different?

Yes and no. There are two general ways to play Strip Beer Pong. They are:

  1. Losing team removes an article of clothing
  2. Write the name of an article of clothing (Left Sock for example) on a cup, and when the opposing team hits it, you must remove that item. You will need a sharpie to play this way.

As for general gameplay, Strip Beer Pong is virtually the same in every way. We'd say to Google "Strip Pong", but that might lead to some XXX/Adult videos that you're not really looking for.

What Do You Need to Play Strip Pong?

  1. Two distinct teams
  2. Plenty of beer
  3. Solo Cups
  4. Beer Pong table
  5. Ping Pong balls
  6. Exactly the same amount of articles of clothing. This is important.
Can One Team Have Less Clothing?

Sure, one team can play Strip Pong with less clothing if they really wanted. It would give new meaning to the Tits Drinking Game, that's for sure.

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