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How to play Chandelier, a fun drinking game that has absolutely nothing to do with the musical artist, Sia.

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Setting red solo cups up in a circle to play the Chandelier Drinking Game
Chandelier Drinking Game

Chandelier is a variant of Beer Pong only played with a center cup, much like King's Cup. It's been so named because it resembles the chandelier that your parents probably had above the dining room table, with a center column (the center cup) and the extended arms off of it (the cups of the players).

Because there is a center punishment cup, we do not recommend playing more than a couple of rounds of Chandelier at your party.


  • Beer Pong Table (or a Regular Table works)
  • Ping Pong Balls


  • 2 to 8+


Take one solo cup per player and place it in front of that player, forming a circle around a center cup. The more people playing the Chandelier drinking game, the better.

To start, fill a small amount of your preferred beverage into each player's cup. Then, pour one standard drinks worth of liquid into the center cup. For beer, that would be 12oz, wine 5-6oz, and alcohol 1.5oz.


Here's the deal. Players take turns going around in a circle and each bouncing a ping pong ball in an attempt to get it into a cup. They can either aim for the player's cups, or, the center column cup of the chandelier in the middle. If they get it into a player's cup, then that player drinks, and promptly refills their cup.

If they bounce it into the center cup, everyone drinks the contents of their cup and then proceeds to flip the cup over, turning the Chandelier Drinking Game into an on-the-spot version of Flip Cup. Players then attempt to play flip cup, with the last person to successfully flip their cup being responsible for the center punishment cup.

At this point, all cups get refilled and gameplay resumes.

Chandelier is the type of drinking game that can be played once or many times throughout the evening. You can also sub other partiers in and out of the game as people become more or less interested in it.

What we love about the Chandelier drinking game is that it combines two of the best college drinking games ever in Flip Cup and Beer Pong.

Chandelier Variations

You can play the way they do in the video above by forcing all shots toward the center shot with the idea that if the bouncing ball lands in a player's cup, that player will drink their cup. Flip Cup only occurs after the ball lands in a player's cup. They then have 3 tries to flip the cup successfully or they are out.

We prefer our rules, but know that there are some variants to the Chandelier drinking game.

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