Always drink responsibly.


A Darty is a daytime party that can be thrown anywhere, including the front yard of a Fraternity, in the parking lot of a College Campus for a Football Tailgate, or just about anywhere else kids wanna rage on the weekends.

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While not 100% mandatory, you're going to want to wear a jersey (or game sweater) during Darty SZN.


There are no real decorations associated with a Darty, at least not specifically so.

Drinking Games to Play

Outdoor drinking games are best. A Cornhole set or lawn darts will go a long way toward keeping the competition high as well.

Food & Drink

The number one drink for a Darty is the Black Out Rage Gallon. Not sure we've ever been to a Darty without seeing a minimum of at least 20-30 people rocking B.O.R.G.s.


This all depends on where the daytime party occurs. Some Darties have live bands, some have DJs, and some are just powered up by someone's Smart Speaker.


  1. Don't get arrested. That is truly the most important rule of attending a Darty. You're in public, so the likelihood that you will run into the law (including campus security) is much, much higher.

Darty vs Party

A Darty is simply a type of party.

Darty FAQs

What is Darty Gras?

Darty Gras is a wild party that seems to have started in Alabama (we didn't make it up). It's exactly what you would think, a Mardi Gras style party, only during the day.

How do you survive a Darty, or Darty Season?

  1. Eat Food. Don't let yourself go hungry. It's going to be a long day/season, so always consume enough protein and carbs to pull you through the day.
  2. Wear Comfortable Clothes. Darties aren't the same as going to the club. So wear high heels at your own risk.
  3. Drink Water. And lots of it. Staying hydrated is only half the battle.
  4. Know Your Limits. This might just be the most important tip of them all.

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