Always drink responsibly.

Jersey Shore

There is so much to drink for with this show, it's incredible. The good times never end at the Party House.

Written by DP | Updated

Snooki drinking heavily during the Jersey Shore Drinking Game
J.....Woww that's a lot of booze, Snooki!

The Jersey Shore Drinking Game is punishing. Be prepared.

Take One Drink

  • "Come at me, Bro"
  • Every time a cast member drinks
  • Fist-pumping
  • Whenever a female housemate references or touches her own boob
  • Whenever a couple smashes
  • Whenever they're discussing T-Shirt time

Take Two Drinks

  • During Sunday dinners
  • Every time you hear DTF or GTL
  • For every prank
  • "Grenades"
  • If a cast member shows up to work on time
  • If Snooki eats pickles
  • If they're drinking @ Karma
  • If they're talking on the Duck Phone

Take Three Drinks

  • Every time Ronnie & Sami get into a fight
  • If Paulie is peeling
  • If someone says, "Cabs are here"

Take Four Drinks

  • If any physically roommate fights another roommate
  • When Deena arrives

Finish Your Drink

  • If someone flips over a piece of furniture
  • When Angelina leaves the show

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