Always drink responsibly.

Top Gun

I feel the need, the need, for beer!

Written by DP | Updated

Maverick and Goose are singing to Charlie in the bar after drinking alcohol
You've lost that lovin' feeling ... and the next round at the bar

Sometimes it's fun to play a drinking game where you often have to finish your drink. However, the Top Gun drinking game only has one reason for such an occasion, and you know what part it is.

If you really want to throttle up the game, we have some ideas. To start, feel free to hand out drinks to anyone who doesn't know the real names of Maverick (Pete Mitchell) and Goose (Nick Bradshaw). Hand out another drink to people who don't recognize CDR Stinger as Principal Strickland from Back to the Future.

And last, hand out a drink to anyone who thinks Danger Zone is a better song than Mighty Wings. Loggins is a legendary talent, but Danger Zone is on the plague in the ladies room for second place. Bonus points for listening to the Top Gun Soundtrack while playing.

"You can beer my wingman anytime!"

Take One Drink

  • Any time the targeting reticle gets a lock on a jet
  • If Danger Zone or Mighty Wings starts playing
  • CDR Stinger sends them to Top Gun
  • Every time someone dives for a ball in the volleyball scene

Take Two Drinks

  • Mav & Goose high five
  • Maverick switches from missles to guns
  • Mav buzzes the tower
  • Viper offers to be Mav's RIO
  • Cougar loses the edge
  • Iceman chomps down on his teeth

Take Three Drinks

  • Maverick checks his watch
  • Goose flips the bird
  • Viper thoughtfully recounts his relationship with the elder Mitchell (Mav's dad)
  • When Slider flexes
  • CDR Stinger references Maverick's moves on Penny Benjamin
  • "You'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!"

Take Four Drinks

  • "Slider, you stink"
  • "Take me to bed, or lose me forever"
  • Maverick inappropriately enters the women's room
  • Goose inquires about working for Truckmasters
  • When Sundown joins in on You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

Finish Your Drink

  • Goose dies

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