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Among the best Star Wars IP to come out in the last few years, the Andor Drinking Game is bound to have you reaching for your drink more frequently than you think.

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Cassian Andor taking a drink at the bar
Andor Drinking Game

One of the many drinking games associated with the original Star Wars movie, Andor is a look into what happens in the events leading up to Rogue One, the film in which the character originally appeared.

If you haven't seen Rogue One, take a sip.


Take One Drink

  • Any time Cassian acts selfishly
  • Any time Cassian shoots someone with a blaster
  • For every time you think, "Gosh, Episodes 7/8/9 would have been tremendous if Gilroy had written and directed them"
  • If any character you're rooting for dies

Take Two Drinks

  • For every thing that Dedra Meero does well. She's exceptional.
  • For every time the Empire makes a rational decision
  • If Cassian is planning an escape
  • If someone calls Cassian, "Keef" or "Clem"

Take Three Drinks

  • If Cassian mocks the Empire's competency in any way
  • If Luthen is ready to sacrifice something (could be anything)
  • If you feel bad for Syril Karn (even if you shouldn't)
  • If you recognize Kino Loy as Andy Serkis, the actor who voiced Snoke in the Sequels
  • Once per Episode in which Saw Guerrera appears

Take Four Drinks

  • If you think Bix Kaleen is a perfect Star Wars name
  • When Davo Sculdon asks for Mon Mothma's daughter's hand in marriage for his son

Finish Your Drink

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