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The Rules of the Shrek Drinking Game

Written by DP | Updated

Shrek holding up a flagon while playing the Shrek Drinking Game
Shrek Drinking Game

Before you play, hand out a drink to anyone who doesn't know that Eddie Murphy is the voice of the donkey.

Equipment to play

  • Shrek DVD or the ability to stream it

Take One Drink

  • Every time someone says Donkey, Ogre or Shrek
  • Every time you see a new fairy tale character

Take Two Drinks

  • Every time Shrek belches or farts
  • For every joke that wouldn't fly in today's cultural climate
  • If Donkey talks to himself
  • Whenever Donkey sings

Take Three Drinks

  • Every time you think of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers when Shrek talks
  • For every adult joke

Take Four Drinks

  • Every time Fiona does something unexpected. For example: fights well.
  • If "true love" is mentioned

Finish Your Drink

  • When Fiona turns into an ogre

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