Always drink responsibly.


Kegs! Multiple, cold and domestic. That's only part of what you need to play the PCU drinking game.

Written by DP | Updated

Droz is opening two kegs simultaneously at The Pit party.
Gotta open the kegs before George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars hit the stage

Chuck, Porterhouse, Ribeye ... you ready to drink along with the foolishness of detestable sores known as The Pit?

Good. This game is for you.

Take One Drink

  • Any time pre-frosh Tom is getting chased
  • Each time Droz offers up a final paper to a student
  • "We're not gonna protest" is said
  • You hear the word, "Stomp"
  • Anyone takes a drink or smokes

Take Two Drinks

  • President Garcia Thompson says Moonbeam or addresses her
  • When Droz locks everyone in the bicentennial ball with The Club.
  • When Bantam Draper forces Rand to answer the security questions
  • When Jerrytown calls Blotter into the game
  • When Mersh realizes that
  • Every time Rand tries to score with Garcia-Thompson
  • When P-Funk changes songs
  • When BD jumps out of the window

Take Three Drinks

  • Gutter hits the floor on the silent stage dive
  • When The "Persons" of The Pit realize they trashed the wrong beamer
  • When the fellas of Jerrytown spin The Bee around
  • When Tom knocks the plugs out and kills the power on the students writing term papers
  • When Cecilia leads the drum-circled Womanysts away from The Pit

Take Four Drinks

  • When they fire President Garcia-Thompson
  • When Carter Prescott introduces himself. (he has the most Balls & Shaft name of the bunch)
  • When Pigman discovers that Caine and Hackman are in the same movie
  • When Raji & Deege get zapped

Finish Your Drink

  • "Can you blow me where the Pampers is?"


All players must drink for the entirety of the meat-tossing incident.

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