Always drink responsibly.

Animal House

The Rules of the Aniaml House Drinking Game and How to Play

Written by DP | Updated

Bluto chugging the Jack Daniels and playing the Animal House Drinking Game
Animal House Drinking Game

Hand out a drink to anyone who doesn't recognize Karen Allen from Indiana Jones. Also, hand out a drink if you recognize Mark Metcalf from Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" video.

Anyone who can't finish the game is worthless and weak!

Ok, not really, cause the Animal House Drinking Game gets fairly rough at times.

Take One Drink

  • Any time they hose down a character, whether that's champagne or a fire extinguisher
  • Every time Chip Diller gets struck with a wooden paddle
  • For every golf ball Boon & Otter hits toward the cadets
  • If a main character takes a drink
  • If Otter/Stratton puts the moves on a lady
  • When Bluto crushes a can on his forehead
  • When Kevin Bacon first appears
  • When Pinto's Angel and Devil show up
  • Whenever someone insults a member of Delta House

Take Two Drinks

  • When Bluto fills his tray and pockets with food
  • When D-Day first shows on his motorcycle
  • When Mrs. Wormer smashes her car pulling up to the Delta House
  • When you hear, "We now consecrate the bond of obedience"

Take Three Drinks

  • When D-Day and Bluto steal the horse with Flounder. And, take another three when he fires the gun.
  • When Flounder throws up on Dean Wormer
  • When Otis Day & The Knights start playing during the Toga Party
  • When you hear, "Do you mind if we dance with your dates"

Take Four Drinks

  • When Otter hits on Mrs. Wormer or invites her to the party (your choice)
  • When the Deathmobile appears through the smoke
  • When they realize they got every answer on the Psych test wrong

Finish Your Drink

  • When Bluto smashes the guitar
  • When Clorette DePasto admits that she's only 13


  • Every time there is destruction at the Delta House or Flounder's brother's car
  • When they mention throwing a Toga Party
  • When they smoke pot with Professor Dave Jennings
  • When they start the Disciplinary Council


  • Along with Bluto after Otter tosses him the bottle of Jack Daniels
  • During the cafeteria chase scene into the food fighte
  • During the "Toga" chant
  • When the new pledges pledge allegiance to the frat.


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