Always drink responsibly.

Dawson's Creek

Pacey and Dawson should have been slamming Tequila as they discussed movies at their little movie store. Joey and Jen probably would have respected them more.

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Dawson's Creek Drinking Game

So much teen drama for one show. That's why drinking through it is key. Our livers don't wanna wait for our lives to be over.

Take One Drink

  • Dawson discusses film or television
  • If a character talks like they are a PhD candidate as opposed to being a teenager

Take Two Drinks

  • Any time Dawson references Spielberg

Take Three Drinks

  • Any time Pacey gets in trouble
  • When Joey takes the pregnancy test
  • When Joey finds out the results of the pregnancy test

Take Four Drinks

  • When a main character breaks up with another

Finish Your Drink

  • Any time Dawson cries
  • When Dawson's dad dies
  • When Jen dies in the finale


  • When Pacey sleeps with the teacher


This might be our favorite Waterfall of all of the drinking games.

  • During Paula Cole's intro song, "I Don't Wanna Wait", start the waterfall

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