Always drink responsibly.


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Shoresy, Ted Hitchcock and Goody drinking beers outside during the Shoresy Drinking Game
Shoresy Drinking Game

Moving on from the show Letterkenny is hockey's dirtiest player (and mouth), Shoresy. He's now moved up to a new squad and recruited a bunch of players in an effort to never lose again. You know, when he's not slew footing opponents.

Take One Drink

  • Every time Shoresy says, "Yeah, so?"
  • Every time someone doesn't let Sanguinet speak
  • Every time you hear the name, "Shoresy", "Sanguinet", or "Jim"
  • Every time you hear the word, "Boys", "Fuck"
  • For anything having to do with losing ... "I hate losing" or "I never wanna lose again"
  • If Shoresy makes reference to Reilly or Jonesy from Letterkenny
  • If someone says, "Jim"

Take Two Drinks

  • Every time you hear the name, "Laurence Leboeuf"
  • Whenever they mention the "Underwater Squeezer" or "Squeezer" at Wasaga Beach

Take Three Drinks

  • If Shoresy commits a penalty in hockey
  • If you can't understand what Ted Hitchcock says when he speaks

Take Four Drinks

  • When they go to Pepe Panini, which is owned in real life by Tyson from Letterkenny

Finish Your Drink

  • If Shoresy cries
  • When they bring Michaels back to play goalie


  • Every time Shoresy asks a question and then interrupts the response with, "huh?!"

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