Always drink responsibly.

Home Alone

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Kevin McCallister consuming junk food while getting ready to play Home Alone Drinking Game
Home Alone Drinking Game

Before we start playing, give out three drinks to anyone who doesn't know that Angels With Filthy Souls, the black and white movie with the Tommy Gun firing, isn't a real movie.

Take One Drink

  • Any time one of the Wet Bandits get injured

Take Two Drinks

  • Any time Kevin is insulted by a family member
  • Every time the Wet Bandits gets injured in a way that would have put them in the hospital

Take Three Drinks

  • Every time the Wet Bandits gets injured in a way that would/should have killed them

Take Four Drinks

  • When John Candy appears on screen
  • When Old Man Marley helps to save Kevin from the Wet Bandits

Finish Your Drink

  • When Kevin and his mom finally reunite


  • When Kevin's Mom (Catherine O'Hara) screams "KEVIN!" on the plane
  • When Kevin says, "Buzz, you're girlfriend ... woof!"


  • All players of the Home Alone Drinking Game conduct a waterfall from start to finish when the guy in Angels With Filthy Souls fires his Tommy Gun. Stop when he says, "Keep the change, ya filthy animal!"

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