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MLB Baseball

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Three guys watching baseball and enjoying beers while playing the Baseball Drinking Game
Baseball Drinking Game (TV Version)

Many don't know that there are two versions of the baseball drinking game. One is enjoyed socially over the course of a delightful (slog-through-it) 3+ hour tour of the diamond where real professional MLB players decide whose homerun trots are best. The other version of the game is a cut-throat, high action riff on the game of beer pong. It is debatable which version of the game requires more athleticism.

Let's check out the former.

Baseball Drinking Game (MLB version)

The MLB versions of the Baseball drinking game is quite different than the pong version of the Baseball drinking game. This set of rules is much more social and relaxed. In fact, one of the most interesting things about the MLB Baseball Drinking Game is that you can go back in history and drink through the biggest moments of your favorite team(s) of years past.

Before we begin, everyone take one drink if your favorite team is not the Brewers. Brewers fans, give one drink. Why? Because they make the delicious beer you're enjoying right now. No, not the team ... you know what we mean.

MLB Drinking Game (Little League Rules)

Best to cover this as well before we get started. If you aren't ready for the big show, you can take the junior varsity route. Essentially, you're going to cut the rules in half. Select a team and only follow that team's actions throughout the game.

For example: If the Boston Red Sox are playing the New York Yankees, you pick one of those teams and drink to their offensive and defensive actions. If you select the Boston Red Sox as your team, and you should, because it's wrong to pick the Yankees, then you only drink when they make an out or get a hit.

To note: Global rules like a rain delay or a player charging the mound are still in play.


  • 1+

Technically you can play by yourself, but like most games, it's better to play in a group setting.


  • A television
  • Beverage(s) of choice
  • A way to get baseball on the TV (broadcast, cable, satellite, subscription, app, youtube, etc.)

Take One Drink

  • For every out
  • For every single

Take Two Drinks

  • For every double
  • If a runner steals second
  • If a batter is hit by a pitch
  • For an unassisted double play

Take Three Drinks

  • For every triple
  • When a rain delay is called
  • If a runner steals third

Take Four Drinks

  • For every homerun (extra sip if the player points to the sky prior to touching home plate)
  • When a rain delay ends
  • If a runner steals home
  • If a pitcher throws a no hitter
  • If a pitcher balks

Finish Your Drink

  • If a player hits a grand slam
  • If the defense turns a triple play
  • If a pitcher throws a perfect game
  • When the game ends


  • If a player charges the mound. Keep going until the first bullpen pitcher arrives in the infield.
  • If a player hits a walkoff homer, you conduct a waterfall until they touch home plate.

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