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World Cup Soccer

How to Play the 2022 World Cup Qatar Drinking Game in Support of Your Country.

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Team USA World Cup Soccer player at 2022 Qatar World Cup
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Or, you know, in support of a fun day of gassing down beers and having a good time. It's a great way for fans to get a little extra enjoyment out of their favorite sport. It's also the perfect way for an American who could care less about Soccer to have some equity over the outcome of the game.

Extra special for the American is that playing the World Cup drinking game will make you feel better when USA eventually loses. And they will.

These rules can be used in Olympic Soccer play as well as for UEFA Champions league. You could also use them for your college team as well.

Check out the schedule of games to get started.


  • Beverage of Choice
  • TV

Take One Drink

  • For every header
  • For every pass back to the goalie from a defender
  • For every throw-in

Take Two Drinks

  • For every corner kick
  • For every goal kick
  • For every successful slide tackle
  • For every yellow card thrown

Take Three Drinks

  • For every dive or fake injury

Take Four Drinks

  • For every red card thrown

Finish Your Drink

  • If your home country wins their game


When a goal is scored, designate an announcer to scream, "GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!"

All players then perform a modified waterfall, with everyone drinking for as long as the announcer says, "GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!"

Pro-Tip: Don't pick the music major who can hold two minute notes

Alternate Rules & Variations

Take everyone at your party and let them choose a country in a match. If a real life player on your team successfully forces a positive result like a goal kick, give out drinks according to the number shown. If it's a negative play, such as receiving a yellow or red card, take those drinks.

Where were the previous World Cup Drinking Games hosted?

  • 2022 Qatar
  • 2018 Russia
  • 2014 Brazil
  • 2010 South Africa
  • 2006 Germany

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