Always drink responsibly.


So no one told you you were gonna drink this way?

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Ross, a character on the TV show Friends, drinking a margarita
Friends Drinking Game

Give out 5 drinks if you ever attended a "Friends Experience". Also, give out 5 drinks if you think Christine Taylor is hotter than Jennifer Aniston. Also, give out 5 drinks if you knew Central Perk was a bar before it was a coffee shop.

Take One Drink

  • Any time you see someone drinking coffee or tea
  • For every self deprecating joke that Chandler makes
  • If Joey does or says something that is perceived as stupid

Take Two Drinks

  • Any time someone drinks alcohol
  • Any time someone looks through the framed peephole in Monica and Rachel's apartment
  • Every time a celebrity makes a cameo on the show

Take Three Drinks

  • If Phoebe mentions being a masseuse or a vegetarian
  • If Phoebe says the word, "Phallange"
  • When Janice says, "Oh my god"
  • When you hear, "We were on a break"
  • Whenever they mention Ugly Naked Guy

Take Four Drinks

  • If they mention Rachel being taken care of by her father, marrying Barry or not being self-sufficient
  • If they reference Monica being fat
  • Whenever Gunther expresses his affection for Rachel

Finish Your Drink

  • If you hear the word, "Transpondster"
  • When Ross tells Emily, "I Ross, take thee, Rachel"


  • Any time someone gets pregnant
  • Every time "Pivot" is said
  • When Mike Crapbag or Princess Consuela Banana Hammock appear


  • Whenever Phoebe plays "Smelly Cat"

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