Always drink responsibly.

How I Met Your Mother

Challenged Accepted! Now get ready to play the HIMYM drinking game, because it's ... wait for it ... Legendary.

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Barney, Lily, Marshall, Robin and Ted playing drinking games at MacLaren's Bar
Another bottle of Glen McKenna? Why not.

It's best to play the HIMYM drinking game early in the night, because as you know, nothing good happens after 2am. Before we start the game however, take a drink if your name is Swarley or Swarles Barkley. Also take a drink if you thought Ted should have ended up with Victoria, the girl who very well could have been the mother had the show been cancelled. And lastly, take a drink if you think playing a drinking game belongs on the Murtagh List.

"Riggggggs, I'm too old for this stuff!"

Take One Drinks

  • When Barney says "legendary"
  • For every high five
  • Every time Bob Saget (old Ted) speaks
  • Any time Barney hits on someone
  • "Have you met Ted?"
  • "Challenge Accepted"
  • Once for every slap given
  • "Lawyered"

Take Two Drinks

  • Whenever they're at the strip club
  • Whenever Barney plays laser tag
  • Every time Linus brings Lily a beverage (aka "The Kennedy Package")
  • Whenever Barney wears the Ducky tie
  • Any time Marshall expresses that Lily is not an appropriate height for him
  • Whenever anyone in the gang salutes after a military title is announced (ex. "General")
  • Whenever an actress or actor who was a former cast member of Saturday Night Live appears on screen
  • For every self high five
  • For every Canadian sex act mentioned

Take Three Drinks

  • Any time they mention or play Baskiceball.
  • Whenever Goliath National Bank is mentioned
  • When Ranjit drives someone somewhere
  • Any time someone enjoys a "sandwich"
  • If you see a doppelganger

Take Four Drinks

  • If Marshall turns into Beercules
  • Whenever Scooter shows up
  • When Ted says, "Vomit Free since '93"
  • When the Fiero meets its end
  • When you hear a Robin Sparkles song

Finish Your Drink

  • When Jenkins claims she was drunk from playing a drinking game.
  • When Ted says, "Because, that, kids is the true story of how I met your Aunt Robin."


Conduct a waterfall for as long as The Proclaimers, "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" is playing, even if that means stopping and starting with them.

Robin Scherbatsky Drinking Game

But, um ... the drinking game within the HIMYM drinking game. The rules are simple, take a sip every time Robin says, "But, um"

If the kids in Professor Mosby's class can play it, then so can you. Even Ted and Barney play it one night when they figure out how much Robin says the phrase.

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