Always drink responsibly.


He's the fastest drinker alive! You need to be like Michael Cera if you want to win.

Written by DP | Updated

McLovin and the Superbad Cops are drinking beers at the local bar
McLovin's Fake ID let him buy beer AND get into the bar

Take One Drink

  • Any time a character drinks
  • Any time someone swears
  • Any time genitalia is referenced in any way
  • Any time someone smokes

Take Two Drinks

  • "One name, who are you, Seal?"
  • "Something like 8% of kids do it, but whatever."
  • They refer to Goldslick (refers to Goldschläger)
  • "Old party"

Take Three Drinks

  • The first time you see the McLovin' Driver's License
  • When Officer Slater brains the kid with the mullet

Take Four Drinks

  • When Officer Michaels says, "He's the fastest kid alive!"
  • When McLovin gets knocked out by the thief

Finish Your Drink

"I am McLovin."


  • When they're in the parking lot pulling donuts in the cop car to Van Halen's Panama

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