Always drink responsibly.


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Bella, Edward and Jacob getting ready to play the Twilight Drinking Game
Drinking wine sounds better than blood

Drink for the opening line of, "I've never given much thought to how I would die." That will kick off the Twilight festivities. Also, take a drink if you identify as either Team Edward or Team Jacob.

And last, but not least, take a drink if you knew that Dr. Carlisle Cullen is Mike Dexter from Can't Hardly Wait.

Take One Drink

  • Every time Bella is clumsy
  • Every time Bella's mom is an irresponsible parent
  • Every time they refer to the town, "Forks"
  • If Edward stares at Bella
  • If someone says Chillax

Take Two Drinks

  • When Edward tries to change his schedule to get away from Bella

Take Three Drinks

  • As soon as Edward enters
  • As soon as you see Anna Kendrick
  • When Edward plays futsal with an apple
  • When the Cullens first enter the movie

Take Four Drinks

  • If a vampire sparkles
  • When the new coven comes to town

Finish Your Drink

  • When Edward saves her

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