Always drink responsibly.

Hocus Pocus

Written by DP | Updated

The three Sanderson Sisters eyeing some adult beverages
Are they looking at jugs of wine? We can't tell.

If you're from Salem, Massachusetts, give one drink to every player. You've earned it.

Also, give two drinks to every player if you'd rather be watching Army of Darkness.

And last, give out a drink when you spot the mom from The Great Outdoors.

Take One Drink

  • Every time you see the eyeball in the book move.
  • For every insult thrown at the Winifred (the Witch)

Take Two Drinks

  • When Thackery turned into a cat
  • When Thora Birch appears
  • When the Witches put a spell on the parents
  • When they capture Thora Birch

Take Three Drinks

  • When Thackery is run over by a car and comes back to life.
  • When they hang the Sanderson Sisters.
  • When they resurrect Headless Billy Butcherson

Take Four Drinks

  • When Thackery's sister's essence is stolen
  • When you see Gary Marshall as the devil

Finish Your Drink

  • If your name is Thackery
  • If you've seen Hocus Pocus 2, but not Hocus Pocus 1


Enjoy a waterfall for every scene that is obviously Salem.

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