Always drink responsibly.

Fixer Upper

Checking out the prices of real estate in Texas on the show Fixer Upper will make you want to drink if you live on a coast.

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Fixer Upper Drinking Game

Before you start playing the game, give out a drink if you think that Chip looks a bit like Dennis Quaid. Also, take two drinks if you're sharing someone else's streaming service to watch and play the Fixer Upper drinking game.

Take One Drink

  • Every time they talk about their marriage
  • If someone gets called "Babe"
  • If someone is holding a tool
  • If someone says, "charm", "relocate", "yall"
  • When you first hear the budget
  • When you meet the people Chip & Joanna are doing work for

Take Two Drinks

  • Every time they visit an Antique Store, a Flea Market, or her Warehouse
  • If Chip's sunglasses are on his hat
  • If they repeat how much the "all-in" budget is

Take Three Drinks

  • When Chip engages in stupid antics

Take Four Drinks

  • When they inevitably go over budget

Finish Your Drink

  • When the people choose which house their going with


  • If Chip & Joanna's kids appear on screen
  • When they draw a digital overlay on the existing home to show Joanna's vision


This waterfall makes perfect sense.

  • During the final reveal

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