Always drink responsibly.


Was Bruno too busy hitting the sauce? Is that why no one talks about him?

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Encanto character holding a mug and playing the Encanto Drinking Game
A little too young, aren't we?

Since it's a kids movie, give out three drinks to the childless players. They don't know the pain.

Take One Drink

  • Every time Dolores hears something she wasn't supposed to
  • Every time you hear the word "magic" or "miracle"
  • Every time you see a butterfly
  • Every time you hear Spanish spoken

Take Two Drinks

  • Every time a character loses their powers, or, experiences a power malfunction
  • Every time Casita waves to someone

Take Three Drinks

  • Every time Pepa changes the weather with her mood
  • When Luisa rounds up Donkeys

Take Four Drinks

  • When Bruno reappears
  • When Mirabel thinks that Isabella is the solution to the family's problem

Finish Your Drink

  • If you talk about Bruno
  • When Mirabel does not get her gift (power)

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