Always drink responsibly.

Stranger Things

You'll be as drunk as a Demogorgon in no time.

Written by DP | Updated

Murray pouring Vodka for he and Joyce to play the Stranger Things Drinking Game together
That's a lot of Stoli, Murray.

Before we start playing, give out five drinks if you have hair like Steve. Also if your name is Joyce.

Also, give out two drinks if you recognize Matthew Modine from Vision Quest.

Last, give our four drinks if you understand why Mike's hot mom was ever attracted to his frumpy dad.

Take One Drink

  • Every time Eleven bleeds from her nose
  • If you can't believe how appropriately aged Wynona Ryder has become
  • Whenever Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill starts playing
  • Whenever someone eats an Eggo waffle

Take Two Drinks

  • If Dungeons & Dragons is referenced
  • Whenever the Demogorgon shows up on screen

Take Three Drinks

  • If Eleven enters a sensory deprivation tanks
  • If Hopper & Joyce share even a hint of a romantic moment
  • Whenever someone transitions from the Real World to the Upside Down or vice versa

Take Four Drinks

  • When we say goodbye to Barb

Finish Your Drink

  • If the party searches for or creates homemade weapons


  • When Dustin sings the theme song to The Neverending Story.

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