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The Best Drinking Games for 2 People to Play

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Equipment You Need

The equipment you need to play each game varies. We will let you know if there’s anything out of the ordinary. Because for the most part, a standard deck of playing cards, some plastic cups and a ping pong ball will do. Those are your drink of choice.

Beer Chug

The Beer Chug has been our go-to tiebreaker for any and all disputes that we’ve had in our 21+ lifetime. A contest of fortitude and skill, victory in chugging ends any debate amongst friends.

Chugging beer is a simple game, if you can even call it that. It’s also the original drinking game, existing for eons prior to Beer Pong, Flip Cup and any boozy board game you can buy on Amazon. You don’t even need a deck of cards to play it. You just need two or more people, each with a drink. First player to finish wins.

See? Classic game.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong being a fun game really, really undersells it. It’s great drinking game, legendary even. It’s on our list of the best drinking games ever.

And for good reason. It’s highly competitive, while also allowing for (near) infinite replay. This is especially true if it’s just two of you playing.

Drunk Jenga

Flip Cup


King’s Cup

Movie Drinking Games

Never Have I Ever

Power Hour


Speed Facts

Truth or Dare

TV Show Drinking Game

Two Truths and a Lie

Games you shouldn’t play as a couple

While they are lots of fun, these games are meant for a large group, not just you and your significant other to play. These games are angled more for throwing an adult party. So be warned, you can try, but