Always drink responsibly.

The Best Drinking Game Songs

Literally ANY song can be turned into a drinking game. Beyond that though, which songs are actually just great to listen to when drinking, or, playing drinking games? That's what we're here to help with.

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The Police playing Roxanne, one of the Best Drinking Game Songs

Included in our list of the best drinking games, are these:

Thunderstruck (AC/DC)

Thunderstruck, the song, is a 10/10 as a musical selection when gassing down beers with your good buddies. Thunderstruck, the drinking game, is an amplifier turned up to 11 when it comes to music-based drinking games.

Team Thunder drinks 15 times and Team Thunderstruck drinks 19 times. However, the ambitious few who play any mention of the word thunder - which would include Thunderstruck - would quaff a whopping 34 sips over a 5-minute span of gameplay. It's enough to feel the buzzing of Angus Young's classic rock guitar riffs on your lips.

It's fun enough that we've included it in our collection of the best college drinking games list.

  • Team One: Drink when you hear Thunder
  • Team Two: Drink when you hear Thunderstruck

You've Been ... Thunderstruck!!!

Roxanne (The Police)

Roxanne is among the oldest of musical drinking games. It makes the list because it ping-pongs so very well for sips between the two teams, Roxanne and Red Light respectively. Plus, you can feel safe knowing that your parents played it back in college and hey, they lived.

  • Team One: Drink when you hear Roxanne
  • Team Two: Drink when you hear Red Light

The Wild Rover

The Wild Rover was a traditional folk song written in the 1600s. This is a raise your flagon and sing-a-long type of tune. Just make sure you don't spill your beer when you clap during the chorus.

  • Drink as you see fit throughout the song

I Drink Alone (George Thorogood & The Destroyers)

Not every song is a drinking game or meant to be played during drinking games with friends. Some, like Thorogood's I Drink Alone, are meant for the times where you are sitting on your couch with a bottle of hooch and need some reassurance that the choices you've made in life - such as drinking along - are going to be ones you can live with.

For George, drinking alone meant that he was drinking with his pals, Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer is another superb drinking song.

  • Drink when George says I Drink Alone

I Drink Wine (Adele)

Backing off Thorogood's desire for consuming whiskey alone is Adele, with I Drink Wine. This is for any woman who has a man out there drinking alone. When Adele mentions soaking up wine, you go and pour yourself a fairly full goblet and enjoy it throughout the rest of the nearly 7 minute song.

  • Casually finish your glass of wine throughout the song

Wine, Beer, Whiskey (Little Big Town)

The name says it all. Little Big Town makes sure to cover all the bases with their hit song from 2020.

  • Choose Wine, Beer or Whiskey and take a sip for every reference to liquor